The one-stop-shop for faculty during the transition to canvas

As Texas A&M University shifted to support a new Learning Management System, the Office for Academic Innovation built out a resource for faculty and staff alike to learn more about the product and how to best utilize it.

The definition of an 'On going' Project

In the fall of 2018, Texas A&M University created the Office for Academic Innovation. The main goal of this office was to transition the university from the previous Learning Management System (LMS) eCampus by Blackboard to Canvas by Instructure. After the transition was complete, the office would not only continue to advance and support the LMS, but would begin creating new online programs for undergraduate and masters degrees.

With the introduction of COVID-19 during the process of transitioning from eCampus to Canvas, our office was given the deadline to move almost 13,800 courses online after COVID-19 was upgraded to a pandemic. We successfully transferred 57,871 of our students and 2,988 faculty members (that were not already teaching online) to virtual classrooms. And did so in just seven business days.