Luci's Lemonade Stand

Summer 2020 Industry Course Project

Taking place in the underworld, a mysterious merchant provides you with a business to run: a lemonade stand! As you serve the denizens of this hellish suburbia the unbearable conditions of the environment start becoming a bit more bearable. Your goal, if you so choose to accept, is to earn enough money to upgrade your business from just a stand to an entire restaurant.


Summer 2020 Industry Course - Final Group Presentation and Game Demo

Branding The Game

For Luci's Lemonade stand, the group was inspired by games like Undertale, Helltaker, and Animal Crossing (while we were designing the game we were in the midst of these aforementioned games' renewed popularity) creating a hodgepodge everything together for our cutesy, dark, and sarcastic world.

Challenges While Designing

Following this theme, I set out to design a visual story that encompassed this idea. When creating a mood board I sought out different directions the branding could take. I wanted to see the full spectrum from cute to truly devilish we could go. From there, I sketched some logo ideas and directions reflective of the inspiration and presented them to the group to receive feedback. We wanted the game experience to be as immersive as possible and wanted to incorporate in-game actions as much as we could to show progression while playing the game, so for the UI elements we elected to keep them to a minimum. The start menu and the in-game purchasing menu were the only two parts of the game that needed icons and assets. The icons and posters pushed along the narrative of the story, starting users out with the regular 'lemonade' and 'ice surprise' to keep it simple. As their business grew and they unlocked more items, it would show in both the menu and in the game on the posters. A stretch goal for further development of this game was to allow users to upgrade items in their stand and renovate the building as more challenges for the storyline progression.

Final Thoughts

Truly my favorite part of this project was getting the creative freedom to design the brand and assets, while still collaborating every step of the way with some extremely talented creatives. Their feedback and critique are what pushed the designs and brand to the excellence where they ended.

In-Game Screenshots